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Become a Pro in Cyber Security with a combined CEH and OSCP Course

Certified Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security have always gone opposite directions, but no more. Grab your ticket into the Cyber Security world today!

Multiethnic cyber security team developing software algorithm for information processing
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You will be learning from an award-winning cyber security expert recognized in the field of Cyber Security and entrepreneurship. This course will be taught by Zuo Bruno who is also the founder and CEO of Zuoix and AISCON. Training will be 3 days a week and each week a module will be completed. The training is hands-on focused and will prepare you for the job market.

Take full advantage of this ground breaking, state-of-the-art industry standard and recognized training.

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Frequently Ask Question

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We have collected the most frequently asked questions over the years and have summarized them below for you.

THE ZXOS Cyber Security training course is that is designed for everyone who is interested into getting into Cybersecurity. it is a combination of both the certified ethical hacking  course and the much acclaimed offensive security certification course.

This training has been designed to introduce Cybersecurity to newcomers into the industry as well as experts who have been in the industry for a long time. The course will hold three days a week and will be a hands on training. After each session students will get assignments which will prepare them for the job industry.

Yes students can make payment in instalments. And for all the students in the lite package they can only make a one-time payment however, if you decide to go with the standard and Pro packages you can pay by instalments of your own choosing.

The cyber security industry has witness recently, a lot of influx of both professionals and the need for such professionals.  This training course is designed to place you're in the job market and to put you at a very high level in the cyber security industry.

Yes you can have a discount. We are currently offering this course at a 10% discount. To take advantage of this discount, please use the code ZX2024 at check out

This is not your regular cyber security training course. It has been designed by top professionals in the field. Unlike other Cybersecurity training which focuses on giving your information and not the practical training,  we have decided to give you a hands-on practical training with this course. You will be a hacker after this.