About Us

Zuoix is Africa’s first and biggest Offensive Information Security Company with a prime focus on the offensive approach to cyber security and implementation¬†

Zuoix’s team is made up of young, vibrant and motivated African youths, experts and professionals in Ethical Hacking, etc.

A truly Africa Focus Cyber security company. We offer our services globally but focusing more on Africa.

Ethical in nature, Zuoix is a 100% ethical company, we do not leave backdoors and open links on any of our client’s systems

We Are Open For Business!

Gain insight into your company’s security strength and weaknesses¬† by making use of Zuoix’s Vulnerability Analysis.

The History of Zuoix

The Perfect Solution For All The Protection Question

Zuoix started as a company to protect the startups in the silicon mountain area located in Fako, Cameroon. A year later, the company shifted its attention to the entire African continent but kept its offensive approach to cyber security. Today, Zuoix has built more than a dozen of unique and advanced cyber security tools and applications which is being used throughout the world by coporations and governments.