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Zuoix is proud to have offered its services to a number of clients around the world who are benefiting from our vast knowledge of cyber security trends

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Business has changed since the industrial revolution, people are working smarter, not harder. Today’s world of the information age has seen businesses and governments investing more in technologies that drive innovation, creativity and above all security. This has also seen the rise of malicious hackers and hacking groups all over the world. Zuoix™ is at the forefront of cyber protection and mitigation against cyber threats.

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Our Corporate History

Zuoix™ was born from the need for cyber security by startups in the Silicon Mountain Community in Cameroon in 2015. The company started creating security protocols and platforms. by 2016, it had grown into building security-based applications such as ZOOMED, sOT, sOTMeters, and much more. In 2018, Zuoix™ won the recognition of the Cameroonian government from the highest tables when it was crowned the “Most Innovative Startup in Cameroon” by H.E President Paul Biya with an Excellence Award for Scientific Research and Innovation. Our team has been at the forefront of cyber security.

Following these advances, Zuoix™ has spread into many African countries and its headquarters currently in Douala, Cameroon and Johannesburg, South Africa. 

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Our Value

Professional Services Ready for You.

Zuoix™ takes professionalism very seriously. We understand that in the business of Cyber Security, mistakes are the biggest liabilities

  • Vision

    To Be the last line of cyber defense by approaching cyber attacks offensively.

  • Mission

    Create a safety seal over Africa's online presence and usage through state of the art applications and platforms.

  • Motto

    Building a culture of ethical hacking and responsible online morals for all through education and training.

Meet Our Team

Zuoix™ Is made Up of Professionals

Our Team members are professionals with awards in their various fields of excellence. Our CEO is one of Africa’s Best Ethical Hackers and has been featured on AfricaNews, BBC and much more.

Tali Aasy

Regional Coordinator

Dean Dieter

Marketing Director