Track & Trace

Have you been robbed of your valuable? Is someone Missing?

Zuoix™ Trace & Trace Solution is designed for individuals, businesses and governments who want to know the location of valuable assets, employees and missing persons. We work closely with law enforcement and judicial policies to put this to use.

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What is track & trace?

What is Track & Trace?

Tracking and tracing are two advanced cyber security fields which are usually confused to mean the same thing. Tracking is the monitoring of an item or person to its location while tracing is the continuous follow-up of the change of location of an object or person.


At Zuoix™ to take people’s privacy seriously that is why all Track & Trace requests are scrutinised to make sure they are in accordance with the laws and principles guarding such activities. In most cases, we might require a police report.

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Tell us what we should look for.

We charge registration fees based on what you want us to look for and why you want us to look for it. in some cases a police clearance report might be requested.

Item Trace

Lost Phone | Tablet | Laptop
$ 6
Per Trace
  • Real-Time Device Tracking
  • Recover Contacts
  • remotely Wipe Device
  • Payment Protection
  • Smart & fast VPN
  • Adult Content Blocker
  • GPS Child Locator
  • File Protection
  • Password Manager

Missing Person

Trace Lost Employee
$ 10
Per Person
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Last Know Locations
  • Possible Suspects
  • Payment Protection
  • Detail Report with Maps
  • Hidden private Information
  • GPS Child Locator
  • File Protection
  • Password Manager

Pro Track & Trace

For Fast and Reliable Results
$ 29
Per Trace
  • Real-Time Location
  • Important Contact Details
  • Speedy Reporting
  • Payment Protection
  • Advanced Reconnaissance
  • Adult Content Blocker
  • GPS Child Locator
  • File Protection
  • Password Manager

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Frequently Ask Question

We have taken some of the most frequently questions asked by our clients and placed them in an orderly manner to help you safe time

Global Question

One of the most frequently asked question about this service is the need of the users to understand if this process works 100%

No, we can never be 100% sure as we are dealing with humans and in most cases with criminals who know how to cover their tracks. However, we do out best to make sure we have some good news for you.

The registration fee opens a file for your case with us. It allow us to start the track & trace process and is required before to engage in any work.

Yes, registration fee is not the service fee. Because we do not want to take money for services not rendered we do not charge that upfront. Download fee depends on the option you choose from ranges from $10 USD to $500 USD in advance Track & Trace

No. Registration fee is non-refundable. 

Depending on what you want us to Track and the complexity of the case, it usually takes 1 week for complete results to be obtained. However, in some cases it can take more time

We have a high success rate, from lost items to missing persons, we have solved more than 87% of our hundreds of cases.