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Hands on training that will turn anyone, Yes Anyone, into a fully certified Ethical hacker. Start your journey into Cyber Security

Are you interested in learning how to protect yourself and others from cyber-attacks? Have you ever wondered how hackers gain access to sensitive information and how to prevent it? If so, this ethical hacking class is the perfect opportunity for you.

Ethical hacking, also known as “white hat” hacking, involves using the same techniques and tools as malicious hackers, but with the goal of identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in computer systems. By learning ethical hacking, you will understand how cyber attacks are executed and how to prevent them.

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Zuo Bruno

Zuo Bruno is an award-winning Cyber Security Expert, and the creator of sOT (SMS Of Things). He has been featured in numerous news outlets across the globe such as CNN, BBC, AfricaNews, and much more. Known as the father of Africa’s Information Security Conference (AISCON) and Africa’s Information Security Society (AISSOC).


His passion for cyber security will drive you from a student to become a fervent professional in the field.

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Frequently Ask Question

Below are some questions we have gathered from people who have sown interest in their course and in previous ones, if your question is not listed below, please use the chat button a the bottom right for a quick response

This course will run for a total of 2 months. Because the training is hands on and straight to the point, we have made it really compact so that anyone can tae the course and still keep their current schedule. Classes starts every Saturday and Sunday from 4 PM to 7 PM DC Time 

You will have to part with $500 USD if you plan to take the course and then the exam and certification. If you do not need the exam and certification the course is $400 USD Payment is in two instalments starting each course month.

Students are expected to have good internet connection, laptop and 3 hours free time every course day. Having access to an Android and iOS phone for your personal test environment will come in handy.

Yes, we do offer counselling before, during and after the course to help you understand the market need and how to place yourself. We, however, do not guarantee jobs.

Apart from gaining insight into a rare knowledge and placing yourself at better odds for cyber security jobs, all students will be instituted as members of AISCON where they will be able to speak at any upcoming AISCON event.

Yes, if you need a special payment plan, please make it known before the class starts. Use the Chat button on the bottom right of this web page or the Discord private chat section.

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