Offensive Information Security

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Our mission at ZUOIX is to make that data secured and confidential. Today we provide the most secure information systems in Africa.

  • Breach Assessment – Core areas of the network, endpoints, and server infrastructure

  • Forensic Analysis – Investigating core computer crime incidents

  • Red Teaming – Helping your staff protect your business from hacks

Hack attacks are growing and it seems that Africa might not quite be ready for such attacks; we are at the forefront of protection taking the offensive approach, making sure that your business and staff can stand such attacks

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Application Development

ZUOIX is composed of a team of professionals dedicated to helping you turn your app ideas into business reality. Drawn from diverse cultures, walks of life, and backgrounds, ZUOIX team brings their unique perspectives to your company, with each of us contributing a little bit of ourselves so that we may all be stronger and better for you.

  • Mobile App – Creating secured mobile applications that works.

  • Web App – Building and securing your online app, making it hack proof

  • Standalone Apps – Custom softwares for your Company, shop or home

With ZUOIX’s application development solutions, you can quickly develop clickable prototypes and ready-to-deploy software applications for any platform.

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I.T. Research

We carry out I.T Research to dive into other possibilities and methods of problem solving with tech.

  • SMS of Things – Interconnecting devices across Africa with SMS

  • ZOOMED – Securing devices and locating them without Internet

  • Research – Making use of modern appliances for the betterment of clients

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Drone Application

We design a vast range of applications that work specifically for drones to perform various functions.

  • Surveillance – Assign a drone to be your lookout

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Discover The Future

Our team is multi talented and specialized in various fields of Application development and security, hand picked not only for skills but also for passion and adaptability.

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