Our team is multitalented and specialized in various fields of Application development and security, hand picked not only for skills but also for passion and adaptability. We have taken the simple simple requirements for creating a strong team and made that into a complex yet extremely successful culture which runs throughout the Zuoix company.

Benefiting from the bilingual nature of the country, our team is multilingual and ready at all times to serve you.

  • Breach Assessment – thorough analysis of your business network.

  • Mobile App Security – Secure iOS, Android and hybrid JavaScript apps

  • Web App Security – Get Stability, Speed, DDoS Protection

  • Red Teaming – security through the eyes of a bad actor

  • SMS of Things – interconnected devices via SMS

  • I.T Research – always “in the know” for latest tech

The Problem.

and why it matters

Hack attacks are growing and it seems that Africa might not quite be ready for such attacks, we are at the forefront of protection taking the offensive approach, making sure that your business and staff can stand such attacks

We do not wait for a hack attack to take place, we carry out a series of penetration tests to make sure that your systems have the right configurations and that your staff can quickly identify such attacks and have the right tools to stop them before it causes real damage to your business.

Our solutions

Our Clients and Partners



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