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We solve Africa's Problems with custom made Technology

Nice to Meet You
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Welcome to Zuoix
Information Security Tailored for Africa

We are at the forefront of InformationSecurity in Africa, building security based applications,that helps you secure your properties and businesses
and make people’s lives better and safer. We do not compromise when it comes to your security.

We're Professionals
Africa based

With first hand knowledge of the continent, Zuoix truly understands what works and what does not.

Strong Systems
Premium Security

Over the years, we have created a strong security culture, which is what you need to secure your own systems

We're Passionate
Available When You Need Us

Our team is ready to put it’s professional know-how at your service anytime of the day and any day of the week

Award Winning Apps
Coding With Fun

We create applications that solve real world problems, explaining our numerous awards including the Golden Lion Award.

Our Skills
A complex Mix of Simplicity

Our team is multitalented and specialized in various fields of Application development and security, hand picked not only for skills but also for passion and adaptability. We have taken the simple simple requirements for creating a strong team and made that into a complex yet extremely successful culture which runs throughout the Zuoix company.

Benefiting from the bilingual nature of the country, our team is multilingual and ready at all times to serve you.



Application Development


Information Security


Red Teaming


Our Team with Big Ideas

Interdisciplinary teams with big ideas. Design and prototyping from Scratch.

  • Zuo Bruno

Zuo Bruno
Founder | CEO

Passionate about Information Security and Africa, also the founder and president of Africa’s Information Security conference (AISCON)

  • Nduma Patience

Nduma Patience
Co-Founder | HOD

Heading one of Zuoix’s Award winning applications, Patience is passionate about using technology to solve Africa’s problems

  • Fergus Assam

Fergus Assam
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

With expertise in Networking and network security, Mr Fergus stands out with his views and strong dedication to making things work

The Problem
and Why it Matters

Hack attacks are growing and it seems that Africa might not quite be ready for such attacks, we are at the forefront of protection taking the offensive approach, making sure that your business and staff can stand such attacks

We do not wait for a hack attack to take place, we carry out a series of penetration tests to make sure that your systems have the right configurations and that your staff can quickly identify such attacks and have the right tools to stop them before it causes real damage to your business.

What We Do
Our Capabilities

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.

Information Security
Tailored for Africa

We provide Information Security Services fine tuned for Africa

Application Development
Custom coded apps

With it unique problems, Africa needs applications that are practical and easy to use

Red Teaming
Hack Aware Staff

Helping your staff protect your business from hack attacks

Passing on the Light

Top tutors from across Africa, providing training in Ethical hacking and programming

IT Researh
Looking for new methods

We carry out I.T Research to dive into other possibilities and methods of problem solving with tech.

SMS of Things
interconnected devices via SMS

We have a strong passion for sOT (SMS of Things) Connecting devices across Africa with SMS

Our Clients and Partners
From Across the Globe

The true Value of any business is in its clients.

Aid Refugee Children - Cameroon
Ze'Xpress - Benin
Marriot Paint and Services - Cameroon