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Track your missing phone


Track your missing phone

Many business owners and VIPs lost their phone frequently, most times it is stolen for data theft or incrimination or some other reasons. In this article, we will discuss one simple trick that can help you track down your missing phone.

In order for your phone to be tracked, it needs to be connected to the internet, since the thief will always certainly find a conducive location to format your device, we strongly advise that you leave your mobile data on

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Leaving your mobile data on at all times will allow you to easily locate your stolen device, assuming you had some sort of security on the device such as PIN Code or Facial Detection, then deactivating your mobile data will require authentication, even if you run out of airtime this will still come in handy.

Once your device is stolen, you can head over to Android Device Manager on the web or to iCloud depending if your device was android based or Apple-based.

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