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Infrastructure Plan

Infrastructure Plan

After our security testing identifies issues in a security program and our Advisory Services outline a plan to mitigate risk, our Remediation Services then work alongside your team (or become your team) to turn the knobs and push the levers to get your security program off the ground.

We understand how stretched an organization’s internal resources may be and add more security work may not be feasible. Further, once security issues are identified, time is of the essence, which makes hiring and training new employees a daunting and potentially costly task.

Our Remediation Services are both the mechanic and copilot of an organization’s security vehicle—first helping the organization resolve issues and then staying on track going forward. As issues are uncovered, they are quickly (and efficiently) remediated by skilled consultants who have a thorough understanding of where the organization started, where it is going, and how it plans to get there.

By leveraging our senior-level technical consultants and risk advisors, Zuoix offers an integrated path to checking everything off an organization’s security “to-do” list.