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About us

Our company

Helping Companies and Governments in Africa to predict and prevent cyber crimes

7Years’ Experience in Information Security in Africa

We’ve been triumphing in Offensive and Defensive Security for over 7 years. in the African Continent

How Zuoix can Help your business
Our experts can take your business to the next level of security by identifying vulnerabilities in your business and then taking actions to prevent cyber attacks as well as physical intrusions
What are the advantages of Zuoix?
Zuoix takes into consideration every little detail to make sure the system run smoothly and responsively. Zuoix employs a new technique called Minified Technology for securing customers' database & building up highly confidential firewalls.
How Simplified is your working process?
We reduce redundant complex calculations and lengthy erroneous code texts with simpler ones to ensure our security systems would run seamlessly and the design is reserved in its best form when viewed from within or out of your servers